I met Zoltan when I was working on a story at Sue Ryder Home in Prague, Czech Republic. He was a person who wanted a company, someone to talk to, and he would talk as well as listen. So soon after I met him I would make sure I visited with him every time I was at the Home.

Zoltan had lived a long life. He lived through World War II, 40 years of communism in Czechoslovakia, and through then newly acquired freedom. During the World War II, Zoltan was sent to Germany to work at a German factory manufacturing things for the German military. Under communism he saw what dictatorship and loss of freedom can do to a person and one's soul.

Zoltan had been active through all of his life, participating in sports activities, and enjoying the nature while hiking in the mountains. Even in the last months of his life, he didn't feel entitled to just sit around, wait to be helped and served.

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