Someone said that, "behind every pair of eyes there is a story."

Some of the stories are happy, full of joy, while some are sad, filled with sorrow and tears. And there are those that are short and pretty simple, others are long and complicated.

I am a people person, and I'm fascinated by the stories others have lived, and are living - the ones that tell of happiness,  that make you smile, as well as the ones that are full of pain, that make you cry. There is a lesson in all of them, I believe.

I want to tell all the stories - the happy ones, the sad ones, those that are extraordinary, and those that are simple and ordinary. And I desire to tell stories that otherwise may not be told. I want to give voice to those who would have none otherwise.

My name is Petr, and my wife Kelli and I started COMMIT PHOTO to make portraits and to tell stories of who people are, what they do and why they do it, what makes them laugh and what makes them cry, what their values are; to tell stories that will help them accomplish what their mission is, and reach audiences they need to reach.

If there's a story that you would like to tell, or you think needs to be told, let me know, please.

I am married to my wonderful wife and best friend Kelli, and we live in beautiful, old uptown of Westerville, a small town just outside of Columbus, Ohio, with Sam & Frank, the cats. 

I love God and Kelli, and after the two photography is my biggest love and passion.